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06:37pm 23/07/2004
  yay, we got a puppy
my cousin's husband didn't want it so he said to either sell it or give it away
they couldn't find anyone to buy it so they gave it to us
the puppy's only 4 months old and it's a lhasa apso, i think
it follows my brother around the whole time
we named the puppy "boo"


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10:53pm 21/07/2004
  according to this japanese name generator, my name is inoue ibuki  

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where shaq's vengeance lies compared to past vengeances   
10:48pm 15/07/2004
  by bill simmons a columnist for espn the magazine and page 2

1.0 Mike Piazza (after Clemens threw the bat at him in the 2000 World Series)

5.0 Andre the Giant (after Killer Khan broke his leg)

5.5 MJ (against Drexler in the '92 Finals)

6.0 Roger Clemens (after the Red Sox gave up on him)

6.5 Marvin Hagler (in the Hearns fight)

7.0 Jimmy Snuka (after Roddy Piper rammed the coconuts in his head)

7.5 MJ (after Karl Malone won the '97 MVP Award)

8.0 Seagal in "Hard to Kill" (during the "I'm gonna take you to the bank, Trent . . . the blood bank" scene)

8.5 Shaq (after finding out that the Lakers were trading him for Odom, Grant and Butler)

9.0 Ali and Frazier (in Manila)

9.5 Uma Thurman (in "Kill Bill" I and II)

10.0 John Rambo in "First Blood 2" (during the "Murdock? I'm coming for you!" scene)

......hee hee hee

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01:07pm 08/07/2004
  ever been given a fake number at a bar?  

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06:51pm 06/07/2004
  okay, i have no idea why i've all of a sudden become obsessed with online quizes

find your inner PIE @ stvlive.com

root canal on monday

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03:04am 04/07/2004
  the server i had all my images on has shut down
i've lost every photo i've ever taken and uploaded
and stupid me
i didn't make copies

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11:28pm 03/07/2004
  is 999 the number of emergency in some other county?
anyway, here are some retarded people making retarded emergency phone-calls to 999
emergency 999

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12:25pm 03/07/2004

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09:51pm 16/06/2004
  how to foil an alien abduction  

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09:31pm 15/06/2004
What kind of disease are you?


baulz is caused by sponges.

baulz disease causes excessive cross-sex cosplaying.
There is no cure for baulz.

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01:10pm 14/06/2004
  how will your online buddies know if you've died?  

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11:10pm 10/06/2004
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11:51pm 08/06/2004
  wow, i'm in big trouble
so i went to the dentist today for the first time in 8 years
in those 8 years, i chipped 3 of my teeth, my wisdom teeth started growing in, dropped the bar/weights on my front teeth while bench pressing and matured my caffeine/soda addiction
so here are the results:
8 cavities
1 root canal
2 wisdom teeth that need to be pulled out surgically
some other thing where the bones underneath my gums are messed up
and the nerves or whatever on my front teeth decided that my two front teeth are foreign and have started to try and kill it
i'm not allowed to drink any more soda
i'm screwed

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02:20am 27/05/2004

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
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02:06am 27/05/2004

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12:23pm 25/05/2004
  top ten worst album covers of all time  

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06:13pm 24/05/2004
  whenever cartoons eat apples, it sounds so good
i love the way it sounds
it's all crunchy

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07:32pm 20/05/2004
according to a northwestern university study, chicago is sinking a millimeter a year because of the canadian glaciers melting
this also causes water in the great lakes to slosh up into their lower reaches

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05:32pm 16/05/2004
  audri made me join a new community but i can't remember the name of it
all i know is that the name reminds me of the word "corn nut"

my friend was in iowa and skateboarding when he slipped while going downhill
he was rushed to the hospital where they found that he was bleeding from his brain
his brain swelled up too
he was in so much pain that no pain killers and no morphine would work so they just keep putting him to sleep
if his brain doesn't go back to normal size, they might have to drill a hole in his brain (or something) and drain the blood out

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10:23pm 13/05/2004
  i squeezed a rock so hard that water came out
isn't that pretty powerful of me?

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